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Apr 20 2024 (Sat.) at 12:00

Chocolate tour (ENG)

Price: 6.900 Ft,- /pers.

Where Szamos Csokoládé Múzeum
Szamos Café
1055 Budapest Kossuth Lajos tér 10.
Tel.: + 36 30 746 6995


We invite all chocolate lovers to our peculiar chocolate tour. With the assistance of our chocolate masters, you will be escorted through the history of chocolate into the usage of antique and modern chocolate manufacturing tools, while also being introduced to the culture of consuming chocolate across the ages. This adventure also includes the famous Szamos marzipan sculptures and the century-old candy-, and chocolate workshop. The hour-long stirring excursion will cover unique tastings such as marzipan, cocoa bean and chocolate pastille as well. Casting and an exhibition concludes our journey during which you will decorate the bars moulded by our chocolate master.



The fee includes the hour-long guidance, the tastings, the prepared sweets, its decorated wrapping and a movie screening about chocolate production. We recommend this tour to everyone infatuated with chocolate from age 5 and above.